Pitches with CamperClean systems in Europe

You can already find pitches equipped with CamperClean products in more than 15 European countries. Besides numerous campsites in Germany, our systems are also installed in Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux countries, Italy, France, England, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria or Croatia.

You can get an overview of motorhome and camping sites with CamperClean products by clicking on our site overview.


Benefits for camping guests

CamperClean products for a relaxing holiday

As a motorhome and caravan owner you benefit from the comfortable CamperClean products in several ways. First and foremost, our fully automatic emptying and cleaning station offers you the perfect cleaning of your mobile camping toilet.

The CamperClean cleaning device is a patented, German quality product that has been honoured with the special ADAC Camping Award 2014. The system is suitable for many current toilet boxes, such as Dometic cassettes or standard SOG. It is characterised by easy operation and reliable cleaning. And you won’t blue fingers. In addition, unpleasant odours are avoided and the cassette is soon ready for use again: optimally filled with fresh water and our effective microbiologically based sanitary additive. Chemical toilets were yesterday – with CamperClean you protect the environment.

Products of CamperClean

  • Anti Streaks

    “Anti-Schlier” was developed especially for the sensitive acrylic glass panes as an agent which, with a special formula, does not produce stress corrosion.

  • MicroGreen

    is a microbiological sanitary additive specially developed for the waste holding tank in recreational vehicles and boats. Without formaldehyde and quaternary ammonium compounds, enzymes and microorganisms ensure effective liquefaction of the faeces and decomposition of the toilet paper. Odours are reduced in a natural way. Very well biodegradable and a high concentrate with anti-urine stone formula, which ! Not subject to labelling ! So no environmental hazard !

  • CampStar shampoo

    is designed for caravans, motor homes and passenger cars with a Lotus Protection formula for ultimate protection and long-term preservation. It dissolves oil, grease, typical winter and road dirt with a very pronounced hydrophobic effect. It provides long-lasting protection against harmful environmental influences and is extremely economical to use.

CamperClean comfort

In addition, many campsites and motorhome pitches are already equipped with our supply bollards. Without having to pull long cables or hoses, your motorhome, caravan or caravan trailer is equipped with fresh water, electricity, TV signal or WLAN connection.

Before you start your journey, ask the site operator at your holiday location whether CamperClean systems are available so that you can enjoy your holiday without any worries..