Frequently asked questions about CamperClean

On this page you will find an overview of frequently asked questions. If you still have open questions, we would be glad to hear from you.

The CamperClean bio-sanitary additive works on the basis of micro-organisms and therefore cannot be compared with conventional sanitary additives. It goes without saying that the CamperClean bio-sanitary additive is environmentally friendly.

Chemical additives are not compatible with microorganisms and will kill them. Therefore, clean the cassette properly and rinse it several times with fresh water before changing over. Make sure that the water also rinses the mechanics in the cassette to remove any chemical residues. Otherwise, the dead microorganisms may cause an odour.

Chemical additives in the flushing water are not compatible with microorganisms and will kill them. This also includes acetic acid-based solutions. For this we will soon be offering our own solution for you.

This is highly unlikely. However, should the door not open due to a technical defect, the groundsman has a key for the stastion.

That depends on the respective location. Most site operators charge between 1.00 € and 2.00 €. Including our microbiological sanitary additive Mikro Green worth 1,00 €.

With normal degree of soiling, cleaning takes approx. 2 min. 30 sec. In the case of stronger soiling, this is extended by approx. 1 minute.

Please follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use of the tank. Wrong toilet paper, cosmetic tissues or other kinds of solid matter can cause not all waste to be removed despite modern technology. If large amounts of waste remain in the tank despite correct use, please contact us directly at customer-service@camperclean.com or the site operator.

Current locations are regularly posted on our website. Also look for our CamperClean logo on the campsite’s homepage. Notify us at customer-service@camperclean.com of campsites where you would like to have a CamperClean machine.

To ensure an optimal effect of the microorganisms, the tank is filled with approx. 1.5 to 2 litres of fresh water, depending on the size.

Please check that the tank is properly seated. The tank must be pushed in as far as it will go before the cleaning program can start. During insertion, the green LED flashes until the tank has been inserted properly and is then permanently on.

All stations that can empty and clean Dometic CT 3000 and CT 4000 waste holding tanks can be identified by the dark blue flag on our Google map. As soon as we have upgraded stations, we will update the colour coding accordingly.

The adaptation to special Porta Potti models is in planning

This cannot be answered in a general way. Since they are microorganisms, the durability depends on the external environmental influences, the weather and the location of your vehicle. The effect slowly but steadily decreases.

You can also clean this type of tank in our station. However, this is only possible if you have mounted the SOG device at the standard positions. These are located on the vent button or the spout.
Please understand that we cannot accept any liability for damage caused by an incorrectly attached SOG system.
You are welcome to send us a photograph of your tank so that we can confirm that it has been fitted correctly.