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Bio-sanitary additives instead of chemicals

Simple switch from chemical toilet to the environmentally friendly CamperClean system

When changing from the classic camping toilet with chemical additives to environmentally friendly organic additives, there are only a few points to consider. You can also continue to use your existing toilet cassette without hesitation. Our CamperClean bio-sanitary additives have a microbiological basis that works without formaldehyde or quaternary ammonium compounds. Instead, enzymes and micro-organisms ensure effective liquefaction of faeces and paper decomposition. The high concentrate reduces odours in a natural way and is very good biodegradable.

To use our CamperClean additives, we recommend that you empty your tank completely and clean it properly. Then flush the tank and mechanism several times with fresh water. This procedure is necessary because residues of chemical substances can kill the micro-organisms in the bio-additive and odours can be caused.

Mikro-Green microbiological sanitary additive

For the waste holding tank in motor homes, caravans and boats

  • Without formaldehyde and quaternary ammonium compounds

  • Enzymes and microorganisms provide for a liquefaction of the faeces with simultaneous degradation

  • Odours are reduced in a natural way

  • Highly biodegradable

Available at campsites and in our online shop

On many campsites in Europe you can already find the fully automatic CamperClean cleaning stations, so that you can refill your mobile toilet in an environmentally friendly way at any time while on the road. You can also obtain our environmentally friendly organic sanitary additive “Mikro-Green” in our online shop in practical refill bottles with a fill indicator. Cleaners for caravans, motor homes or boats are also available there.

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